IATA members attend Food4Future, an event on innovation in the food industry

Different members of the staff of the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA), of the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), attended the Food4Future fair on April 16, 17 and 18, an event aimed at innovations and trends that are driving the transformation of the food industry.

The staff of the Scientific Unit for Business Innovation (UCIE) project have attended the fair to promote collaboration between IATA research groups and the attending companies. Éric Úbeda and Teresa Jiménez, as well as Ricardo Suay, Innovation Agent of the Institute, have disseminated the research carried out at the Institute, have shown the capabilities of the different groups and have presented the offer of some scientific-technical services of the center.

The UCIE of the IATA is financed by the Valencian Institute of Competitiveness and Innovation IVACE +i (Generalitat Valenciana) in order to promote, exploit and disseminate the results generated by the center's research staff and manage the capabilities of its groups towards the business environment.

In addition, Food4Future has had the participation of two members of the center's research staff. Gloria Sánchez, current deputy scientific director of the IATA and member of the Environmental Virology and Food Safety group, has participated in a round table on Food Safety and emerging risks, where she has addressed the emerging risks surrounding the consumption of seafood.

Alejandra Flor, postdoctoral researcher in the Microbiota, Nutrition and Health group (Innobiome), has been one of the speakers at a round table focused on New research approaches, where she has addressed, from different perspectives, how it can be transformed health through diet. Alejandra Flor has spoken about the BITASAL project, a study that analyzes the role of probiotics and prebiotics in eating disorders and seeks to valorize a human intestinal bacteria to regulate alterations in eating behavior and promote healthy eating habits.

The CSIC at Food4Future

In addition to the IATA staff, the CSIC has been represented by members of the Food Sciences Research Institute (CIAL), the Institute of Dairy Products (IPLA), the Mariñas Research Institute (IIM), the Livestock and Mountain Institute (IGM) and the Institute of Marine Sciences of Andalusia (ICMAN).

The financing of the Stand at the fair has been provided by the CSIC, the IATA, the CIAL, the IPLA and the IIM, as well as the IVACE +i.