Scientific and technical services

What are we best at?


1 |Analytics.This service performs chemical analysis for any researcher of the institute who needs this information for their investigations. [+info]

2 |Cell Culture. The cell culture facility at IATA gives support and advice to our research groups as well as external users in eukariotic cell culture techniques from either animal or human tissues. [+info]

3 |Sensorial analysis and consumer perceptions. This Service collaborates, advises and serves the research groups, as well as external users, implementing sensory studies and high-quality sensory evaluation . [+info]

4 | Genomics. The Service provides scientific and technical support to research groups of IATA and other research centers or companies wishing to use techniques for comprehensive study of genomes and gene expression. [+info]

5 | Protein Analysis. This service allows the analysis of proteins from complex mixtures with high reproducibility and high resolution.. [+info]

6 |Microscopy. Our Microscopy Service allows different IATA research groups, as well as research centers and companies that should request [+info]

7 |Pilots Plant. The Pilot Plant offers services abroad, being able to be contracted for the realization of works of its specialty by other research centers, companies or entities. [+info]

How to Access to these services?
You can contact by sending an email to: explaining the type of collaboration you are after.