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iata servicio técnico: genómica


The Genomics section supports the IATA research groups that wish to use techniques for the global study of gene expression. We offer support to any project that requires the study of DNA and RNA at the complete genome level, by means of the DNA microarray technique, and the validation of the results by means of quantitative PCR in real time.

DNA microarrays:
Gene expression studies.
Comparison of genomes of nearby species

Real-time PCR (multi-well plate or capillaries):
Absolute or relative quantification of transcriptional profiles.
Analysis of the number of copies of a gene in genomic or viral DNAs.
Allelic discrimination studies (SNPs) (detection of polymorphisms at the nucleotide level).
Detection and identification of pathogens or transgenic organisms.


Laboratory facilities and equipment: - Microcentrifuge HETTICH MIKRO 200R - Microcentrifuge SIGMA 1-14 - Centrifuge HETTICH Rotofix 32A (max 4000 rpm) - NanoDrop ND-1000 Thermo Spectrophotometer - Eppendorf concentrator (with plate rotor, 1400 rpm) - GenePix 4100A microarray scanner - TECHNE T-412 Thermal Cycler - LightCycler 2.0 thermocycler (capillaries) - LightCycler 480 Thermal Cycler (96 plates) - Biacore T100

Technical staff