Training Activities

How can you be trained by us?


IATA takes part in the training of undergraduate and graduate students (master and doctorate degrees) together with the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Additionally, IATA hosts many researchers for training internships coming from Spanish or International institutions.

I> If you are an university student

  • Degrees and masters: : IATA’s researchers are actively involved as associated lecturers in the teaching of degrees and masters of the main Universities in Valencia and some other abroad.
  • Curricular and extracurricular practices: our researchers mentor university students during the development of their practices.
  • Degree and master thesis: IATA can host degree and master students willing to conduct their thesis work under the mentoring of our researchers.
  • Scientific seminars: doctorate students can attend to seminars that are admitted for the obtainment of doctorate credits.

I> If you are a vocational training student

Students taking vocational training courses can do their practical training in IATA’s facilities.

How to Access to these services?
You can contact by sending an email to: info@iata.csic.explaining the type of collaboration you are after.