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Pilot Plants

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The role of the Pilot Plants is to collaborate, advise and give service to the research groups in all activities related to processing and transformation technologies of foods at pilot plant scale. They offer the opportunity to scale-up the research results obtained at the laboratory level in IATA and to give advice and support to any industry involved in Agri-food sector and/or Food biotechnology. Particularly, it makes the set-up, optimization, running and maintenance of facilities related to thermal treatments,sterilization, extractions, grinding-milling, dehydration, pasteurizations , concentration, packaging, and so on, of food matrixes.


- Process design for obtaining, pasteurizing, sterilizing, freezing, grinding and drying of foodstuffs.
- Intermediate scale up of food process by prototype or commercial devices to guarantee and effective transference of research results to industries.
- To advice and support Food industries in the scaling up processes.
- Install, set up and maintenance of the devices located in the Pilot Plants.
- Students training through the cooperation in the education system of the Universities.


Freeze dry, Spray dryer, Plate freezer, Blast chiller, Colloid mill, Cutter mill, Concentrator, Autoclaves, Sealing, Pasteurizer, High pressure.