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Protein analysis

iata servicio técnico: proteómica


The Protein analysis Service serves any researcher of the institute who wishes to apply this technique to their research.

Currently, with the equipment available in the Proteomics Service, we can perform:
Two-dimensional electrophoresis
Gel stain
Obtaining the images
Analysis of results and quantification


The equipment currently available is:

EttanTM System for Bidimensional Electrophoresis (Amersham Biosciences): This system consists of the IPGphor ™ II unit, which integrates the isoelectric focusing system to realize the first dimension. Allows the application of immobilized pH strips individually or using the IPGphor ™ Manifold support that allows up to 12 strips to run simultaneously. The IPGphor ™ II unit includes a control software that generates graphs where the voltage, current and volt-hour changes that are occurring throughout the isoelectric focusing program are monitored.

The DALTsix electrophoresis unit (Amersham Biosciences), where the second dimension is to be carried out, is formed by an electrophoresis cuvette that allows to run up to 6 gels at a time, thus reducing the experimental variability in each of these gels. It also provides a mounting bracket for gels that is also designed to polymerize up to six gels at a time.

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