Microbial ecology, Nutrition and Health

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Microbial ecology, Nutrition and Health

The group focuses its investigation activities in analysing the influence of the human microbiota and its genome (microbiome) in the nutritional and health state and its influence in the development of metabolic and immunologic pathologies. It selects and evaluates the efficacy and mechanism of action of new probiotic bacteria.

Área de Trabajo

The group works on the determination of the effect of the interactions between the gut microbiota, lifestyle and the genotype to associate those with the risk of developing celiac disease, obesity and comorbidities (metabolic syndrome, diabetes, dyslipidaemia and fatty liver, etc.) molecular mechanisms of action

Based on this, they allowing the modification of factors contributing to reduce the risk of diet- and lifestyle- related diseases at different stages of life. They develop a new generation of effective probiotics and products from human isolated gut bacteria to reduce the incidence of immune and metabolic pathologies.

They lead a large EU project, MyNewGut, aimed at developing strategies to prevent diet-related diseases


Principales Aplicaciones y Servicios

  • Design novel nutritional intervention strategies to prevent and treat pathologies related to metabolic and immunologic disorders.
  • Isolation, identification and selection of new generation of effective probiotics.
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