Innovation, Quality and Development of Cereal Based Foods

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Innovation, Quality and Development of Cereal Based Foods

The group focuses on the inclusion of cereals in the human diet through developing innovative and sensory accepted cereal based products based on comprehensive utilisation and rational modulation of their biochemical and rheological properties.

Área de Trabajo

The mission of the group is to enhance the marketability and healthfulness of cereals and grains commodities and processed products.  Cereal grains, any other source of flour, starches and proteins are the focus of this research. Biochemistry, rheology, quality and nutritional attributes, and consumer preferences are main areas of research.  A holistic approach is applied in all the research projects.

Both fundamental and applied research approaches are being used to scientifically develop new added –value products and give solutions to meet consumer and producer demands for quality, healthy, nutritious and sensory acceptable baked products. The group also caters for the needs of people with special dietary requirements such as people with coeliac disease.


Principales Aplicaciones y Servicios

  • Design innovative cereal based products to meet new process, distribution and consumer requirements on the basis of deep biochemical and functional knowledge.
  • Assess cereals and non-cereals flours functional, biochemical and rheological properties and processing characteristics. The same support for yeast, ingredients, additives and processing aids used in bakery.
  • Develop new strategies (novel formulations, bake off technology) for producing added-value cereal based products, like nutritional improvement, probiotics/prebiotics, extended shelf-life, gluten-free products and sensory enhancement.
  • Determine functional and molecular parameters for predicting the quality of final products.
  • Advice and consulting in developing bakery products on the basis of scientific expertise acquired along five decades.
  • Customised training in quality assessment, product innovation and product quality.
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