New materials and nanotechnology for food applications

Food Quality and Preservation

New materials and nanotechnology for food applications

iata - Nuevos materiales y nanotecnología para aplicaciones alimentarias


  • Nanotechnology in the Food Area.
  • Nanocomposite Materials Development, Characterization and Processing.
  • Bioplastics for Coatings and BioPackaging.
  • Biotechnology Routes to Derive Sustainable Materials.
  • Food Quality and Safety.
  • Micro and Nanoencapsulation of Bioactives, Control Release and Cell Viability Studies.
  • Active and Bioactive Nanostructured Materials Based on Natural Products.


  • Development and characterization of materials such as biopolymers and bioblends with enhanced performance of interest in food hydrocolloids, food packaging and coatings.
  • Development of multifunctional active nanotechnologies (UV barrier, oxygen scavengers, ..) and applications of these in the food area.
  • Development of high gas and vapour barrier nanobiocomposites with enhanced performance for packaging applications.
  • Development and characterization of micro and nanoencapsulation of active and bioactive ingredients for the design of both novel functional foods and bioactive packaging constituents.
  • Development and characterization of the activity of novel and more efficient antimicrobials based on natural products and nanostructured materials.
  • Development of renewable materials making use of biotechnology routes.
  • Transfer of technology to the private sector via contract with industrial partners or by the creation of technology-based spin-offs

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