Published an IATA study on the effect of consuming natural "horchata" on the intestinal microbiota

The study carried out by the research team made up of Gaspar Pérez, M. Carmen Collado, Marta Selma and Izaskun García analyzed the intestinal microbiota of 35 volunteers before and after consuming unpasteurized natural "horchata" with no added sugar. The results, published in the journal Nutrients, suggest that the consumption of this traditional product made from tiger nuts can improve digestive health and the general state of health.

After the results obtained, the research team emphasizes the need to continue the studies to establish these beneficial effects with more precision, in addition to expanding them to other types of "horchata".

Reference: Selma-Royo, M.; García-Mantrana, I.; Collado, M.C.; Perez-Martínez, G. Intake of Natural, Unprocessed Tiger Nuts (Cyperus esculentus L.) Drink Significantly Favors Intestinal Beneficial Bacteria in a Short Period of Time. Nutrients 2022, 14, 1709.

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