Passing away of Francisco Piñaga, retired Research Professor and former director of IATA

On August 17, our colleague Francisco Piñaga Otamendi, retired Research Professor, passed away.

Dr. Piñaga developed his research career at IATA where his work was initially focused on the field of food dehydration, later continuing with the study of fungal enzymes of interest in food technology.

Dr. Piñaga also held various management positions in our center, being Secretary of the institute (1979-1983), Deputy Director (1993-1994) and Director (1994-1995). It was in the exercise of these last two positions that he was directly linked to the construction of the new IATA building and transfer in 1995 from its old location on Jaime Roig street in Valencia to the current location on the grounds of the Parc Cientific de la UV.< /p>

Our deepest condolences to his family and to all the IATA colleagues who have shared so many years with Paco.