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Knowledge is linked to evidence based in experience and memory. An essential activity of everyone in respect to his interaction with the environment, is to capture or process information about what surrounds him. Science provides us with knowledge that should be transmitted to society so it is conscious and participant of the knowledge and can enjoy and have an opinion of everything is offered to it. XXI century culture does not consist anymore of just a strong humanistic training, at present it is required to know various technologies because we live with them in our daily life: wake up, get dressed, eat, travel, etc. We are, at all times, making use of technologies developed thanks to scientific research.



Visitas guiadasIATA aims to showcase the work that we conduct. Guided tours at IATA are addressed to vocational training and high school students from all sorts of schools and origins.
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semana de la cienciaThis is a nationwide annual event organised by CSIC to bring science closer to the general public through a range of dissemination activities.


expocienciaThis is an open doors day at the University of Valencia scientific park, in which IATA is located. This is a great day for kids and adults full of fun experiments.

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