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"Inferring and quantifying cell functional activities from gene expression value", por Ximo Dopazo Blázquez (GV-CIPF)

Fecha: 7 de Abril de 2017, 12:30 h
Lugar: Salón de Actos del IATA
Ponente:Ximo Dopazo Blázquez

Gene expression values constitute low-informative, decontextualized measurements of cell activity that can, to same extent, be related with phenotypes in an attempt to understand the molecular mechanisms that govern the cell behavior or fate. Typically, functional enrichment methods (e.g. Gene Ontology enrichment) are used to help in the interpretation of the results found. However, a deeper, systems-based understanding of the way in which genes interact to shape the phenotype is required. Here I will discuss how primary gene expression and gene variation data can be integrated and transformed into mechanism-based biomarkers containing higher-level information on the molecular mechanisms that determine phenotypes by means of relatively simple models of signaling pathway activity. Moreover, I will show how these models can be used to find phenotypic drivers and to propose interventions the have a direct effect on them.

El Dr. Ximo Dopazo trabaja en el Departamento de Genómica Computacional, del Centro de Investigación Príncipe Felipe.

"Comprendiendo la señalización por Sistemas de Dos Componentes a partir de sus estructuras", por Alberto Marina Moreno

Fecha: 28 de Abril de 2017, 12:30 h
Lugar: Salón de Actos del IATA
Ponente:Alberto Marina Moreno


El Dr. Alberto Marina trabaja en Instituto de Biomedicina de Valencia (CSIC).