Non-conventional Yeasts

Food Biotechnology

Non-conventional Yeasts

iata - levaduras no convencionales


Biotechnological and genetic characterization of food-relevant non-Saccharomyces yeasts.

Our research focus on yeast ecology and evolution along food production processes, study of genes and enzymes involved in aroma production as well as in the design of starter cultures.


  • Study of the yeast microbiota, mainly non-Saccharomyces, in fermented foods by means of microbiological and molecular methods. Yeast ecology and distribution along the fermentative process.
  • Study of non-saccharomyces adaptation to physico-chemical changes along the fermentative process. Yeast physiological characterization.
  • Enzymatic profile of non-Saccharomyces and its relevance in food production.
  • Food quality enhancement by means of enzymes. Production of functional ingredients and aromas
  • Design of yeast starter cultures
  • Evaluation of non-Saccharomyces bioactivity

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