Cereals and cereal-based products

Food Science

Cereals and cereal-based products


Design, development and biochemical, physico-chemical and nutritional assessment of value-added cereal-based goods. Research is tackled by means of a basic approach for chemically understanding the functionality of cereal constituents in complex matrices. The fundamental information is focused/oriented to the achievement of end cereal products easily transferred and exploited by the related industry. This integrated global approach is devoted either to generate basic knowledge or to transfer obtained results efficiently to the industry.


Scientific Objectives
To study the interactions between ingredients, additives and processing aids in dough matrixes and their effect along the process stages on the quality of baked goods.
To determine functional and molecular parameters for predicting the quality and the keepability of final products.
To develop new strategies (novel formulations, bake off technology, non-thermal technology) aimed at producing added-value cereal based products.
To improve nutrient bioavailability in cereal baked goods.

Technological Objectives
Diverting part of the research work to fulfill industrial-oriented goals with short and mid-term accomplishment.
Offering stimulating, new and or improved cereal-based goods to be launched to the market (derived from intellectual protected knowledge and/ or technological offers).
Transferring the ¿know how¿ on specific process, technologies, goods, etc., in the frame of contracts of technological support.
Performing ad hoc research to solve specific industrial problems, concerns, and drawbacks.
Getting access to industrial associations and lobbies with decision power through personal participation in industry-organised events

Training Objectives
Technical training in analytical and baking specific equipments and procedures.
Data handling and management of experimental results.
Frequently scheduled meetings for work planning and discussion of results.
Oral presentations of results in internal meetings and seminars.
Writing skills needed for preparing peer reviewed manuscripts.

Social Objectives
Publication of papers in scientific journals indexed in SCR, in magazines and also in cereal related web-sites.
Active participation in scientific congresses and conferences, cereal fairs and meetings.
Teaching, consulting and technical support to the agro-food industry.
Active participation in the preparation and revision of the standard methods of ISO and in the selection of the new European standard methods handled by CEN.
Providing a direct feedback to consumer's demands and expectations.

Internationalization Objectives
The research Group is being an active participant in research National and International initiatives in partnership through different funding mechanisms like integrated projects, bilateral cooperation, Iberoamerican Networks and EU programmes; always encouraging student and scientist mobility.

Research staff