IATA researchers produce oleogels that can replace solid fats in food processing

Researchers from the IATA Packaging Group, in collaboration with the CIAL (CSIC-UAM), have developed oleogels that can serve as substitutes for solid fats in the production of foods such as bread and sausages.

Oleogels are materials that contain a liquid vegetable oil, in whose formation process gelling agents capable of providing them with structure have been used. In the case of the study carried out by IATA, the agents used are edible carbohydrates (agares and carrageenan, from red algae), which have made it possible to trap the oil and obtain a behavior similar to that of a solid fat, but using processes that do not harm the properties of the oil.

The work, published in the journals Algal Research and Carbohydrate Polymers, has been coordinated by Amparo López Rubio, IATA researcher, and Marta Martínez Sanz, researcher at the Food Sciences Research Institute (CIAL, CSIC – Autonomous University of Madrid)

More information: https://delegacion.comunitatvalenciana.csic.es/investigadoras-del-csic-p...