The IATA develops a probiotic that prevents and treats obesity and associated metabolic diseases

The "Microbial ecology, Nutrition and Health" research group, led by Dr. Yolanda Sanz, is developing a new generation probiotic that will allow the effective prevention of metabolic complications of obesity thanks to a new project funded by the Valencian Agency of the Innovació (AVI) and in which the Technological Institute of the Agrifood Industry (AINIA) also participates.

The project consists of the valorization of a bacterium isolated from the intestinal microbiota of lean individuals that is associated with a healthy metabolic phenotype in epidemiological studies. Patented by the IATA for its potential application to prevent and treat obesity, it is intended, within the framework of this project, to complete the experimentation phases in the laboratory and optimize the production processes, before starting the human trials prior to their commercialization.

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