Amparo Querol, IATA researcher, interviewed by Biova

Entrevista Amparo Querol

Amparo Querol, a researcher in the Food Biotechnology Department at IATA, tells us in an interview with Bioval how they work in the field of biotechnology to improve food products and to  create new ones.

Consumer trends are constantly being renewed, and thus, this research process never ceases. At the same time, healthy issues are also in fashion and we try to respond to different situations, such as cholesterol, hypertension, etc., with the variety of different products present on the market.

In addition, it reminds us of the importance of the agri-food sector in the Valencian Community, for which much work still has to be done, and calls for collaboration in this sector so that SMEs, which are mainly engaged in this sector, can count on the improvements that our researchers develop and thus be able to improve their production.