Sensory and Consumer Science

Food Science

Sensory and Consumer Science


We are a research group from IATA-CSIC (Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology, Spanish National Research Council) dedicated to the study of the sensory properties of food and consumer perception. Our team, led by Ph.D. Amparo Tárrega and Ph.D. Laura Laguna, is multidisciplinary, and expert in techniques for sensory evaluation and quantitative and qualitative consumer assessments.


-Food oral processing to understand the mechanisms of flavor and texture perception.

-Food co-creation: New concepts for legume-based food for children.

-Food co-creation: New oral processing-efficient textures based on sustainable proteins with improved digestibility and functionality for elders.

-Labelling and nutritional applications to choose healthy food. How to adapt messaging to the consumer’s language and needs.

-Sustainability. Messages and sources with an impact in consumers perception of Sustainability. Towards a real change in consumption habits.

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