"Petit bouquet" selected photo for FOTCIENCIA16 by David Talens

Once again this year, the photograph by David Talens, from the Food Biotechnology Department of the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (IATA), has been selected among the 700 proposals submitted to the competition.

This year the main characters of the image are enzymes.

Title: Petit bouquet

Author: David Talens Perales

Enzymes are protein macromolecules essential for life that have also become a fundamental tool in the food, chemical or pharmacological industry. Biotechnological research aims to improve the properties of enzymes, as well as to obtain new materials with enzymatic properties by binding enzymes to organic or inorganic supports. In this scanning electron microscopy image three different enzymes can be observed forming crystalline complexes with copper phosphate. The protein and salt complexes grow into flower-like structures.


David Talens, a passionate photographer, was also chosen in the previous edition of FOTCIENCIA15, with his photograph "Vida en condiciones extremas".

In this competition, organised by CSIC and FECYT, IATA collaborates with each edition by awarding a prize in the Food and Nutrition category. In this edition the selected work is Manzana programable, by Jesús Miguel Rodríguez Castaño.

In this link you can find the complete catalogue of FOTCIENCIA16.