IATA signs the letter of the European Network "Sustainable Agriculture through Gene Editing" (EU-SAGE) in support of gene editing for sustainable agriculture

The IATA has signed, together with the CSIC and several of its institutes as well as Universities and other institutions, the letter of the European Network "Sustainable Agriculture through Genetic Editing" (EU-SAGE) in which the European Commission is asked to adopt a proportionate and non-discriminatory approach to advanced genetic improvement in his report on new genomic techniques. EU-SAGE is a network representing plant scientists at 134 European plant science institutes and societies who have joined forces to provide information on genome editing and promote policy development in EU and European member states. enabling the use of genome editing for sustainable agriculture and food production. Genomic editing is a new approach to genetic improvement based on knowledge, which takes advantage of the plants' own natural solutions, helping to reduce the current external input requirements and making possible a more environmentally friendly food production. Access the menu here