IATA receives the visit of a company from the Japanese meat sector with the aim of establishing collaboration in innovation and development of R+D+i activities

Last week, representatives of the Japanese company PRIMA MEAT PACKERS, LTD. including executive directors Shinji Samusawa (Engineering Division), Toshihiko Takeuchi (Development Division) and Haruo Yoshino (Sales Division) along with Dr. Shigeki Kato responsible for the Research and Development Department of the company, and Dr. Masanori Matsuishi of Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University (Japan) made a visit to the IATA-CSIC facilities. During the visit, the delegation discussed the future of innovation in the meat sector and possibilities of joint collaboration in R&D activities with Dr. Mónica Flores and Dr. Fidel Toldrá of the "Biochemistry, Technology and Innovation of Meat and Meat Products" Group. The Japanese company is dedicated to the manufacture and sale of hams and sausages, fresh meats, processed meats and food, and other products since 1931 and includes manufacturing plants in Japan, Thailand and China. Its market is centered in its country with a capital of 7,908 million yen and a number of employees of 14,197.