The IATA Enzyme Molecular Engineering group participates in the Meeting of the European WOODZYMES project

The Enzyme Molecular Engineering group of the IATA-CSIC, led by the researcher Julio Polaina, participated at the meeting of the European Woodzymes project, that was held on May 25 and 26. The Woodzymes project is based on the sustainable bioeconomy applied to the wood industry, with the aim of replacing classical chemistry with another with a lower environmental impact, relying on the use of Extremophilic enzymes, as well as obtaining useful by-products for new applications such as adhesives, insulators, etc., with the aim of making the most of the by-products generated by the pulp and paper industry.

The work developed at the IATA-CSIC is based on the search for extremophilic xylanases capable of meeting the requirements of the industry such as extreme temperatures and pH, and is reflected in the following publications:

-Talens-Perales, D., Jiménez-Ortega, E., Sánchez-Torres, P., Sanz-Aparicio, J., & Polaina, J. (2021). Phylogenetic, functional and structural characterization of a GH10 xylanase active at extreme conditions of temperature and alkalinityComputational and Structural Biotechnology Journal 19: 2676-2686.
- Talens-Perales, D., Sánchez-Torres, P., Marín-Navarro, J., & Polaina, J. (2020). In silico screening and experimental analysis of family GH11 xylanases for applications under conditions of alkaline pH and high temperatureBiotechnology for biofuels, 13(1), 198.