Dr. Yolanda Sanz has been appointed Manager of International Actions of the State Research Agency

Yolanda Sanz Herranz, research professor at the CSIC and head of the IATA "Microbial Ecology, Nutrition and Health" research group, has been appointed Manager of International Actions to collaborate in the preparation, management, monitoring and evaluation of scientific research programs of the CAA area (Agricultural and Agrifood Sciences) at the State Research Agency (AEI).

Yolanda Sanz has focused her research work mainly on the study of the intestinal microbiota as a preventive and therapeutic target. She has been the coordinator of one of the largest European projects on the human microbiome and its role in metabolic and mental health (EU 7FP project "MyNewGut). Currently, she coordinates another European project (CLIMB-OUT; 2021 -22) and two Marie Curie actions (MSCA IF miVaO and IF MicroILCs, 2021-22) focused on the role of the microbiota and diet in obesity and associated immune dysfunction. It also participates in three other European projects related to stress, microbiota and human health (EarlyCause; 2019-2023) and with the myrobiota in food systems (MicrobiomeSupport, CIRCLES, 2019-2023).In addition, he is a national representative of the EU action H2020 CLINICMark, focused on the clinical validation of biomarkers (CA16113).

Dr. Yolanda Sanz has held the position since last January 1st.

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