Conference by Fidel Toldrá at "Symposium on Delivery of Functionality in Complex Food Systems 2021"

Dr. Fidel Toldrá, Research Professor at IATA, has given the invited conference entitled "Adding value to meat and fish by-products through protein hydrolysis for the generation of bioactive peptides" at the International Symposium on Delivery of Functionality in Complex Food Systems 2021 (DOF 2021) that was held in Guanzhou (China) from June 17 to 19, 2021. Dr. Toldrá also acted on June 17 as Chairman of the 1st session on Health, which had 7 speakers.

DOF 2021 is an interdisciplinary symposium about different research areas (food science and engineering, biophysics, applied soft matter, food technology, applied human nutrition) and diverse participants (such as academia, industry and young researchers) and places around the World. This year DOF will have a special emphasis on sustainability, health and personalized food systems.