Mª Carmen Collado, winner of the Jesús Serra Foundation Research Award

Mª Carmen Collado, scientist from the IATA-CSIC department of Biotechnology, has won the Jesús Serra Foundation Research Award in the category of clinical research, ex aequo with Borja Ibáñez, director of the Department of Clinical Research of the National Research Center Cardiovascular (CNIC) and cardiologist at the Jiménez Díaz Foundation.
Her line of work is framed in the establishment of associations between the human microbiota, food and health in the mother-child binomial. More specifically, his team investigates the impact of early exposures (perinatal, environmental and genetic factors) on the microbiota as well as on specific components of breast milk (including immune markers, metabolites, oligosaccharides, microbiota), and their impact on the health of the child and the future adult.

The Research Awards of the Jesús Serra Foundation aim to deepen the relationship between nutrition, food and health through research and are financially endowed with 35,000 euros for each category. This initiative is aimed at scientists up to 45 years of age specialized in nutrition and food.
The awards ceremony will take place next Wednesday, June 16 at 7:30 p.m., in Madrid.