IATA researchers develop a biodegradable airgel with applications in the food sector

An IATA research team, coordinated by Amparo López-Rubio, has developed a hydrophobic airgel made from cellulose and with potential in the food sector. This material could be used in the manufacture of containers that extend the useful life of meat and fish by absorbing the fluids they give off.The qualities of this cheap and easy-to-produce airgel also point to other potential applications, such as energy storage, acoustic and thermal insulation, as well as the absorption of pollutants.

The team belongs to the Packaging Group of the Department of Conservation Technologies and Food Safety of the IATA-CSIC. Along with Amparo López, researchers Marta Martínez Sanz (currently at the CIAL-CSIC) and Isaac Benito González have also participated. This work has been published in the Chemical Engineering Journal.