Conference of Mª Carmen Collado on "Diet and microbiota in the first thousand days of life" in the 7th Week of Science of Quart de Poblet

On November 6, Dr. Mª Carmen Collado gave a pleasant and illustrative conference about what is the microbiota, its relationship with our diet and introduced the objectives and first results of the European MAMI project (`The power of the maternal microbiota in health infantil', ERC Starting Grant) of which she is the principal researcher and is being developed in the IATA-CSIC, in collaboration with numerous health institutions and research centers.

The event, which was attended by more than 100 people, took place at the "El Centro Cultural" Theater organized by the Association `Quart és Ciència'. After the conference ended, a debate and turn of questions was opened in which Dr. Collado responded to the many questions and comments of the attendees and was congratulated for the clarity of her presentation and the interest that her research line arouses.